The Poetry of You

A poem on the alchemical love that drives creation.

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Every day I create
from the wellspring
of your alchemy.
From the gifts you left me
in my blood and bones.

It’s the poetry of you.
The poetry of the lessons
that your love left me.

It’s the language of you
that bubbles up in my Soul
every time I enter the land
of the creative Life Force.

The land of the mystical Eros.

It’s the energy that pours
onto the pages of my
blank canvas,
that your ocean
quenched my thirst with.

It’s the ferocious desire that fuels
the prolific and impassioned
that your fire
ignited within me.

Will it ever run dry?
Will it ever burn out?
I worry so.

I miss you.
I miss your alchemy.

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