Thank you for this, Ayo! I might add to this something I have recently been contemplating:

The average household these days not only works an unnecessary 40-hour work week, they work an unnecessary 80-hour+ work week.

The 40-hour work week was the standard created during a time when only one member of the household was working for income (women traditionally took care of the home and children).

When women started to come into the workplace and the household now ran on two incomes instead of one, we didn't reduce the standard hours.

This is nuts to me!

Now, we certainly do live in different economic circumstances in this era, but I do think we could all benefit from reevaluating our thinking around work, productivity, and consumption.

Most importantly, we could all benefit from reevaluating the meaning of work itself.

Many of us work not because there is work to be done, or because we find meaning in our work, or even - frankly - because we need the money.

Instead, many of us work because we think that's what life is about - it's programmed into us.

Thanks for the great share. I love hearing about how you structure your work as a writer. It's been very helpful for me.


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